• “They really take the time out to get to know your child. They offer resources to help you and your child succeed. The teachers are awesome! They are very patient.”

  • “I brought Anthony since he was 2 months old. From the beginning I was uncomfortable because my baby couldn’t communicate and I didn’t know if he was safe. Now that he’s 4, he has no complaints. The teachers are very affectionate with the children. Not all teachers are that way. Anthony feels like the teacher he has now is his grandmother.”

  • “I really like that she’s always learning. She’s only 3, but she knows her colors, she knows her ABCs, and she enjoys talking about the things she learns. She’s able to identify at a young age and knows different functions like the Postman, Police and Firetruck just by looking at signs. She is learning about community.”

Boston’s Higher Ground is a community partner and provides support by connecting the school to available programs and  resources. Higher Ground has a new pilot program designed to house homeless families with children in the school and connect these families to needed services. In past years, Higher Ground has brought to the schools the services of Friends of the Children, Boston Architectural College and Families First Parenting Programs. ..more info


Our Stories

The Henry Higginson Full-Inclusion school opened five years ago and has an enrollment of 171 students, three to eight years of age, in grades K-0 to second grade. As we heard the School’s outdoor play area consists of two asphalt slabs and in urgent need of a safe playground. Higher Ground has included Higginson K-2 as one of seven schools along with Community Preservation funding we can complete the project by early fall of 2018 so children can have the benefit of the playground for much of the coming school year. Higher Ground has developed a new pilot program that is designed to house homeless families with children in these school within the next 18 months and connect these families to needed services.


We learned about the plight of a grandmother of two young granddaughters attending one of the schools Higher Ground supports. This grandmother has been the sole caregiver and provider for her granddaughters for several years. Due to circumstances beyond her control, she and her granddaughters became homeless almost one year ago and have lived in two shelters and their lives have been in a constant state of upheaval—until Higher Ground stepped in to give the help they desperately needed.